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City Express Reynosa Aeropuerto


City Express Reynosa Aeropuerto is located at the eastern tip of the city, right between the airport and the border with the United States.


Right by Lucio Blanco Airport, it’s the natural lodging choice for any business trip to Reynosa. Also close is Reynosa-Pharr International Bridge, which will take you straight to the border in a couple of miles.


Reynosa Industrial Park is a few feet away, full with great business opportunities. Picture traveling to Reynosa for work and never leaving the perimeter than encompasses the airport, the hotel and the industrial area, it’s a dream!


If you’re in town on vacation, you’ll be glad to know that Reynosa Cultural Park, Plaza del Río mall and sports city are also in the surroundings of the hotel.


Stay at City Express Reynosa Aeropuerto and discover the best of the city’s east side.

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1 queen size bed

looking for availability

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2 queen size beds

looking for availability


1 queen size bed and 1 sofa bed

looking for availability


Carretera Reynosa-Matamoros Km. 81+150, Col. Parque Industrial Reynosa, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, México. C.P. 88788

+52 899 5002700

Candice Nere Larghezza E Per Sneakers Donna Cooper
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A 5 minutos del Aeropuerto Lucio Blanco de Reynosa Tamaulipas

  • Donna Sneakers Per E Candice Nere Cooper Larghezza Parque Industrial Reynosa
  • Aeropuerto Lucio Blanco de Reynosa Tamaulipas Scarpe Per Blu Casual A Larghezza Uomo Sportive rgOrcWAP
  • Parque Cultural Reynosa
  • Plaza del Río
  • Unidad deportiva

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    Our Corporate Office
    Nero Cb2014 46 Infradito Grunland Ecopelle Robi nqYCFZ6wI

    Juan Salvador Agraz 69 Col. Santa Fe Cuajimalpa Del. Cuajimalpa de Morelos C.P. 05348, México, D.F.


    Switchboard: 52 49 80 50

    Monday to Thursday 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.

    Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs.


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    Dialing from Mexico: 01800 248 9003
    Dialing from USA: +1 855 222 8285
    Whatsapp 557 439 4979 Chat

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