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              Owner's Project Management

              As Owner’s Project Managers, Downes provides leadership and guidance to ensure compliance with State regulations, so that all monies due to our clients are accounted for. As your team’s advisor, acting exclusively on your behalf, we manage the project’s overall progress including the master schedule and budget, design team and construction manager, to eliminate risk by making sure that all regulations are met. 

              Representing your best interests through a multi-disciplinary team of in-house professionals we provide the necessary resources to move your project to completion.  We understand the process, the local cost of construction, the State’s MWBE initiative, and the architect/engineers and construction managers who successfully design and build projects in the New England region.  This comprehensive knowledge is necessary in order to realize full State reimbursement for your project.

              The Downes team is equipped to shepherd you through the myriad of requirements from project inception through building closeout, making sure that every stage of the process is well managed, completed with accuracy, on schedule and within your budget.